John Amodeo

Individual and Couples Therapy (San Rafael and Sebastopol Area)


(707) 829-8948


I work with individuals and couples who want to deepen their connection with themselves and develop more satisfying, engaging relationships.  We will create a safe place to unravel stuck places, move toward building or repairing trust, deal with life transitions, and know and affirm yourself in a deeper way.


Authenticity is a key to trusting, intimate relationships, but first we must be willing to connect with ourselves in an authentic, gentle way. Depending on your needs and wants, I will help you explore the following:


•       Identify your authentic feelings and longings without being ashamed of them.
•       Learn to communicate your feelings, longings, and boundaries in a caring, respectful way -- without distancing                              people  through  blame, defensiveness, or criticism.
•       Deal with hurt and broken trust in a way that can lead to repair and renewal.
•       Heal from loss, rejection, and betrayal -- and keep your heart open for new love.
•       Replace escalating cycles of attacking and withdrawing by learning to communicate genuine feelings and  longings                    that underlie toxic anger and criticism; differentiate healthy anger from destructive anger.   
•       Learn self-soothing skills to develop inner resources; cultivate the awareness and inner strength to be  yourself                          and differentiate your needs and wants from what others want from you.
•       Create a climate that invites people toward you, rather than pushes them away.
•        Identify and heal the subtle, toxic  shame that may be holding you back.
•        Develop relationship skills to create a climate for enduring love, trust, and intimacy.
•        Embrace unavoidable sorrow when grieving or facing loss in a way that promotes healing.
•        Discover the hidden wisdom in your feelings; befriend your feelings and longings without getting lost in them.
•        Communicate with your authentic, empowered voice without overpowering others.
•        Connect with your experience in a bodily felt way, rather than trying to figure everything out in your head; honor                       your spirituality without bypassing feelings.


My rate for a 60 minute session is $180.