John Amodeo


The art of living a fulfilling life is challenging.  The coaching service I offer is intended to help you contact your inner creativity and find ways to move forward in your life.  Tapping into your potential and inner wisdom can help deepen your relationships and free up stuck energy so that you may blossom and live a more fulfilling life.

These sessions are intended to refine self-understanding, facilitate self-discovery,  deepen your spiritual practice, and help you move toward your goals.  These sessions are not intended to be psychotherapy.  In personal coaching sessions, I will act as your coach, not your therapist.  These sessions are not intended to serve as a substitute for psychotherapy.

Our focus will be on the present rather than delving into your personal history, diagnosing or uncovering pathology, or addressing mental or emotional disorders.  A referral may be offered or suggested if these services are needed.

One tool I use is the transformative approach known as Focusing, which is a body-mind process developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin.  This is a gentle way to meet our inner experience with kindness and acceptance.  Such self-acceptance and self-understanding create a foundation for positive change.


  My fee for a 50 minute coaching session is $250.